Patio Olympics August 8th

On August 8th 2018 at the Brewery, we hosted our first ever Patio Olympic's Event. With zero idea on what we were doing (classic) or if it would even work, we created a night of bar/beer games. The events were as follows:


Ladder Golf


Flip Cup

Beer Pong

We then somehow convinced 24 local teams to pay us to compete in this epic event. What happened next can only be described as a chaotic, smile fueled party. Ultimately we ended up with a five way draw between:

Threat Level Midnight

Here for Beer

Liver Let Die

The Hopportunists

Four Play

All enjoying a sweet Smoque Shack Prize each here at the brewery!


Here are the pictures we managed to grab at the event.

If you have images you wish to share from this event please reach out to John via email