August 7th Update

We have been working through the planning stages for the IWD beer; flavours are being discussed, the recipe is starting to come together and design ideas are being developed. We are excited to make this bigger and better than last time. No big announcements yet, but we should have some more exciting updates coming up in the next month!

Getting to Know the Team

This week we will be getting to know a bit about Sarah and what she does here at the brewery. Here's a fun little Q&A!



What do you do at Beyond the Pale? 
My main role is Quality Assurance/Quality Control, a lot of that involves making sure the fermentation is on track by looking at the health of the yeast and cell numbers. I am also making sure that proper procedures are being followed; mostly QA/QC is about preventing problems from arising. 




What’s your favourite BTP beer? 
Darkness is my go to BTP beer, I’ve always been a fan of stouts and Darkness is one of my favourites. It’s even better when you get it made into a beer float! 



Favourite beer destination?

My favourite places to travel and enjoy beer have been Denver and New Zealand. I was able to go to the GABF in Denver last year and I highly recommend it. 
New Zealand has such a great variety of amazing beers, especially NZ pale ales, must be all the amazing hops that come from there!

Favourite thing about working in the beer industry?
Being able to pursue my passion for beer. I started out as a beer drinking enthusiast and have been able to learn more about what is involved in craft beer. Plus I am a nerd when it comes to microbes! Coming to work and making sure the yeast are happy makes me happy.

Stay tuned as we will have our next update very soon!