Adding the Fruit!

Earlier this week the team met up to have a taste of the beer and add fruit to the barrels.

The beer is developing some nice flavours and once the fruit has had a chance to enhance the sourness, we think this will be an awesome beer. After some discussion and research we decided to go with Pomegranate and Pink Guava from Oregon Fruit Products!


Before the fruit was added we needed to remove some of the beer from the barrels to make room. Unfortunately this didn't quite go as smoothly as planned with quite a bit of beer ending up on the floor and the team! We managed to get the barrels ready and the mess contained with a lot of help from the BTP guys.

Then it was time to add the pomegranate and pink guava

And now we wait... We will be back with another tasting update very soon as well as updates for the release events. 

Check back here in the next week or two for more details.