Q. How much do you charge for shipping?

A. We offer flat rate shipping across Ontario.

$15 flat rate on one box (18 cans), or $30 (19-36 cans). This pricing is regardless of whether you’re ordering a single beer or a full box (so fill those boxes). If ordering more than 36 beers please reachout to Jamie via btpjamie@gmail.com to discuss your order, we maybe able to offer a better price.

Q. Where do you ship to?

A. We are legally permitted to ship to all corners of Ontario.

Q. How long does shipping take? And how often do you send out shipments?

A. Beer usually takes 2-4 days to arrive in major urban areas, and 5+ days for destinations outside of those. During this initial trial period we’ll be shipping packages one day a week on Tuesdays. This means you will get it by the weekend! Sometimes sooner.

Q. What’s available in the online shop right now?

A. Go check out what is available link.

Q. Can I purchase beer online and pick up in store?

A. Yes! You sure can. Make sure you have your order available to show staff upon arrival.

Q. Do the physical and online stores have different stock?

A. Ideally no. Sometimes if our stock is low in retail we will set the website to unavailable or sold out. This is to allow us better control of inventory and to not disappoint consumers. If you wish to check for a certain beer, please reachout to Jamie via btpjamie@gmail.com 

Q. Will the shipping process have any detrimental effect on the beer?

A. No. We store the beer in optimal conditions and then it will make a quick trip across the province with Canada Post. We do recommend storing beers in the fridge upon receiving them.


Q. I’d like to order some merch along with my beer. Can you ship them all together? 

A. Working on this! Watch this space.

Q. What happens if one or more of my beers are broken/damaged?

A. Get in touch with us immediately! Send us a photo to help us figure out what happened, and we’ll be happy to send you a replacement or give you a store credit. Please reachout to btpjamie@gmail.com

Q. How do you check that online shop customers are of legal drinking age?

A. This is something that Canada Post takes care of for us. Every beer order legally requires a signature and ID check before being released. And FYI, the name on the order and the name of the person receiving it must match!




Q. How can I find out which beers you have available at any given time?

A. This website is a great place to check to see what is available. You can also follow our social media channels to stay up to date. Still can't find what you are looking for? Reachout with an email.


Q. Is your website up to date?

A. The website is accurate and is updated once a day. However, if a beer sells out midday the website can be off for a half an hour or so. In cases of special releases that sell quite rapidly, we also do our best to give updates on social media.

Q. How long has the Beyond the Pale Brewing Company facility/tasting room been open?

A. We began brewing in 2012, at our original location on Hamilton Avenue, Ottawa and after a series of small expansions, we were able to fully move to our lovely BTP HQ at City Centre Avenue, Ottawa in the summer of 2016. We have then gone onto open a 15 tap taproom, a patio and a fully operational restaurant by 2019. We are continually growing and expanding. To stay up to date be sure to follow our social media channels. 

Q. Do you offer tours?

A. Yes. A lot of our tours are handled by a local business in town called Brew Donkey.

If you are interested in hosting a BTP only tour please reachout to Jamie via email btpjamie@gmail.com. Please give us enough time to organise staff, insurance etc for these tours.

Q. My favourite BTP beer is [beer here]. You don’t have it right now but I need it more than anyone else needs it. When can I expect its return and can you send me a personal notification?

A. Even though the brewery facility allows us to create larger volumes of your favourite beers, we likely won’t have every brew on offer. Beers like a special release or barrel-aged, might only come out once a year. Most other beers will make appearances quite frequently, and a great way to get the heads up of what is coming, is by turning on notifications to our instagram account.

Q. Can I buy your merch online?

A. You sure can. Be sure to check back often as we update and change stock constantly.

Q. Do you take your bottles back?

A. We take our 32oz and 64oz branded bottles back and return your deposit. Unfortunately at this time we do not take back the 22oz (special release) bottles. We are unable to handle the volume of these. These bottles can be taken back to the beer store or put out for recycling.

Q. Do you sell single kegs to patrons?

A. At this time, no. We're still working through our licensee waiting list for kegged beer, so we estimate it could be awhile before we have surplus for one-off events. We'll be sure to update you if our supply changes. If it is for a charity event please use the sponsorship request form link.

Q. Do you sell or fill growlers?

A. Yes. Come in and speak to the staff about the choices on hand.

Q. I love the labels so much – who designs those beautiful things?

A. We have worked with a lot of talented teams, companies, artists and staff over the years. If you have certain label in mind reachout and ask. We are more than happy to share the info.

Taproom FAQS


Q. Do you take reservations?

A. Yes. Reachout to Charles our taproom manager via email btp.charlesjohnfilion@gmail.com and he can assist you.


Q. Is your food produced by Smoque Shack?

A. Yes. We have teamed up with this amazing local business to provide great, tasty food for the taproom. Check out the Jack Fruit Tacos.

Q. Do you have gluten free options? What can I drink that isn’t water?

A. No worries. We offer a selection of wines and ciders on tap. Just reach out if you need a more indepth answer. Or speak with your server.

Q. Do you serve wine/spirits?

A. Yes. We have a great selection of beer, wine, cider and soft drinks.



If your question has not been answered please reachout to Jamie via email: btpjamie@gmail.com