IWD Brew Day!

Tuesday morning saw Sarah, Jamie and Jaqc from BTP join with Sarah from Octopied Mind to brew for IWD2020! We are excited to get it started and are looking forward to tasting it in a few weeks time when we transfer it over to barrels.

We started nice and early in the morning, emptying the grain into the mill for crushing.











Then we got the mash started; mixing the crushed grain with hot water to hydrate the starches and providing an optimal temperature for the grain enzymes to break down the long chain starches into smaller fermentable sugars. The smells coming out of the mash tun were awesome and are going to be a great base for our beer.











After transferring over to the kettle, the boil got going: an important step for the break down of unnecessary proteins and sterilizing the wort. During the boil we also added some hops to give some bitterness, aroma and flavour and what we have chosen smells amazing! New Zealand hops are excellent and are going to be one of the stars of our beer.

The wort was then cooled and transferred over to the fermentation tank with the yeast to start the fermentation process.

Thanks to everyone involved we had a great day and hopefully will give us an excellent beer that we can share with everyone.