October Update

Things have been getting very busy around the brewery so we have been a little slow on the updates! It's good news for everyone as we are hard at work with some new beer releases and events in the lead up to Christmas. 

Our last post gave the details of the brew day. Now we can give an update on what has happened since then. 

Barrel Transfer

The beer finished fermentation in tank and the barrels had to be prepared for the transfer. This involved hammering, waxing the bungs and filling the barrels with warm water to soak overnight. This allows the wood to swell and prevent the beer from leaking out. 

 The water was then drained and the souring bacteria blend was added before filling the barrels with beer.

 Now the barrels are stacked and the bacteria are getting to work souring the beer. Working with barrels is a lot of hard work but we know that at the end of it all the rewards will be worth it!

A big thanks to Sarah from Octopied mind who came and spent the day with us helping out with the transfer! 

Stay tuned, our post next week will give you a preview of how the beer is tasting!