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At Beyond the Pale Brewing Company we believe in fun. Beer should be fun to make, fun to drink, and fun to share. Enjoy!

We love hearing customer feedback and chatting with you our guests. Have any questions do not hesitate to reach out. The following staff are ready to help.

Email the Retail/Shopify team

Andrew - Retail and Shopify Supervisor: EMAIL

Chat about Reservations

Ashley - Taproom Supervisor: EMAIL

For reservation requests please let me know the requested date, time & number of people!

Employment Opportunities, Feedback or if you just want to chat about Life, the Universe and Everything

Vish - Chief Happiness Officer: - EMAIL

Community Manager

John - Social Media and Website - EMAIL


Beyond the Pale Brewing Company

Unit 108,

City Centre Avenue,



K1R 6K7.

Phone Number: (613) 668 2337